[erlang-questions] ErlyWeb

Ulf Wiger <>
Mon Oct 30 00:53:58 CET 2006

Den 2006-10-28 18:45:49 skrev Brian Zhou <>:
> Java has servlet and filter, python has wsgi (one simple interface
> that brings order to python web development), what is Erlang's way
> for web component interoperatability?

I thought I'd give that one a stab at the upcoming EUC.

It may have been a bad call to name the presentation
"Erlhive - Safe Erlang Reloaded". What it's really about is
trying to create a framework for safe, web-driven development
of multi-user web applications. My focus is squarely on the
back-end mechanisms. I'll rely on others to provide the
stuff needed to actually qualify as a "web" framework.

Since EUC is less than two weeks away, I thought I'd focus on
actually having something to release by then. Also, it's less
fun presenting something if you've already told all through
the mailing list.  (:

Ulf W
Ulf Wiger

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