[erlang-questions] 'embedded' erlang?

jces <>
Sat Oct 28 08:09:32 CEST 2006

Googling around, I think I've seen this come up once or twice w/out
anything produced (I'm not saying that is bad, I'm not expecting to
produce anything myself, I'm just seeing it as a still open research
topic)... Anybody have a guess what the minimum size of Erlang might be,
with an eye towards embedded - or at least portable - systems? They can be
pretty well-endowed with decent CPU'S (tho usually no FPU) and a decent
few gigs of flash RAM.

I wonder to what extent the ideas behind the VM could be implemented on
top of some other VM that has embedded versions (JME)? There's the Scala
actors stuff which looks interesting, if it keeps on being developed. (Tho
I'd rather just be able to have a device that can run Linux and thus
Erlang "directly".)

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