[erlang-questions] MySQL cluster - MnesiaXXL

Claes Wikstrom <>
Mon Oct 23 22:40:24 CEST 2006

Yariv Sadan wrote:

>> As what we supposed with Yaws (don't miss understand me, I like and use
>> Yaws at work, at home , anywhere ;-) ) the first time we've use it, Zeus
>> WS is 3/2 times faster on static/dynamic content (our production web
>> server is about 10 times faster).

Zeus is certainly faster than yaws on static content - a lot of web servers
are. I do however have a really hard time to believe that any web server is
faster than yaws on dynamic content.

Yaws has the dyn-content producer so tightly integrated inside the
actual web server so in order do better than yaws on dynamic content
we would have to

1. implement in C
2. do not use OS thread, use event loop + state machine
3. integrate dynlanguage (php ??) inside the web server loop
    and precompile (JIT) the php pages
4. Write a proper php compiler which produces assembly code.

(and even worse - if we compare to the yaws_api:ehtml_expander
  which is a small partial evaluator which is built into the
  HTML producer. It's not especially easy to use and few people use it
  but it is worth the effort when we want to squeeze those extra cycles)

A lot of work that is.

Lats time I measured was on apache2 + php and yaws
was running circles around it. Maybe time to redo
that and publish results.


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