[erlang-questions] MySQL cluster - MnesiaXXL

Yariv Sadan <>
Mon Oct 23 19:50:18 CEST 2006


> Completely agree with you on these points if you only work in Erlang world.
> At work, we need the best sofware for the best task. Our code is mainly
> written in C/C++.

Yes, from C/C++, it makes total sense to use memcached. Btw, by saying
'hack' I didn't mean to suggest that memcached is a bad piece of
software, but that many web frameworks have to use it because their
languages don't have something as cool as Mnesia :)

> > If I were to build an Erlang webapp (which is purely hypothetical :) )
> > I wouldn't look past Mnesia. I can't see a reason to think that
> > memcached is any better.
> >
> What the experience showed me is to never say that thing is better than
> another one before doing some benchmarks.
> As what we supposed with Yaws (don't miss understand me, I like and use
> Yaws at work, at home , anywhere ;-) ) the first time we've use it, Zeus
> WS is 3/2 times faster on static/dynamic content (our production web
> server is about 10 times faster).

>From my experience, it's also hard to compare benchmarks. Are the
pages identical? How is the dynamic content generated (ehtml, ErlTL,
etc)? What kind of database drivers are involved? There are so many
moving parts to a webapp that it's often hard to isolate the real
reasons for performance differences.


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