[erlang-questions] Was Re: Bug ?! now Erlang comment (LONG LONG)

James Hague <>
Fri Oct 20 00:18:51 CEST 2006

On 10/19/06, Michael Leonhard <> wrote:
> How about forking the language and redesigning it to fix the problems?

There's the language and then there's the libraries.  The libraries,
IMO, have a lot more warts in them than the language.  I've posted
about some of these before, and so have other people. There's basic
stuff like lists:keysearch pointlessly wrapping the result in a tuple,
to the confusion between the different dictionary and tree types.
These changes are time consuming but easy enough to make (assuming you
don't care about compatibility).

For big changes to the language, like variable scoping rules, the
easiest approach is to compile "Erlang 2" source to Erlang, then use
BEAM/HIPE to run it.

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