[erlang-questions] Erlang for a SMTP server?

ke han <>
Thu Oct 19 13:22:24 CEST 2006

This question was just answered yesterday...See mailist post titled:  
"a candidate application for Erlang".
It speaks directly to using erlang as a robust smtp server.
In short, erlang is highly suitable for such an app...I wouldn't  
consider using anything else.
ke han

On Oct 19, 2006, at 7:59 AM, Count László de Almásy wrote:

> Greetings,
> I'm still new to Erlang, so bear with me if this is a dumb question.
> Basically, I'm being tasked to write a simple SMTP proxy for my
> company for incoming mail that answers on port 25, performs some
> rudimentary anti-spam checks, and then forwards the connection along
> to the "real" SMTP server, which may either be running on the same
> machine under a different port, or on a different host's port 25.  The
> idea is that this will be the application that has direct exposure to
> the Internet, reject as much obvious spam mail as possible, and then
> let the rest sail through for the real SMTP server to handle.  It  
> must be
> ultra scalable, supporting upwards of thousands of concurrent
> connections.  Is Erlang a good choice for such a task?  The other
> platforms I'm looking at are stackless Python and Twisted Python, but
> Erlang seems like it might be a more natural choice.
> Thanks.
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