[erlang-questions] Sexp front end for Erlang?

Garry Hodgson <>
Tue Oct 17 15:39:06 CEST 2006

Peter Mechlenborg <> wrote:

> At the company I work for, we have recently started implementing a 
> domain specific language with an Erlang back end and have a prototype 
> compiler written in Common Lisp.  Instead of generating Erlang source 
> code directly, the compiler has two phases with an sexp layer in 
> between, that is, the first phase in the compiler generates sexp's 
> corresponding to Erlang code, and the second phase generates Erlang 
> source code from the sexp's.

i can't answer your question, but i'm curious why you didn't just develop
the compiler in erlang?  seems like it would've been simpler, and easier
to integrate with the back end functionality you want.

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