[erlang-questions] What are the default module compiler directives?

Taavi Talvik <>
Mon Oct 16 21:45:06 CEST 2006

> I know that there are some compiler directives like -author, -vsn etc.
> Is there an official list of these anywhere? They are not listed in
> the compiler man page.

 From Erlang reference manual:

4.2 Module Attributes

A module attribute defines a certain property of a module. A module  
attribute consists of a tag and a value.


Tag must be an atom, while Value must be a literal term.

Any module attribute can be specified. The attributes are stored in the  
compiled code and can be retrieved by using, for example, the function  

There are several module attributes with predefined meanings, some of  
which have arity two, but user-defined module attributes must have  
arity one.

Basicly - those are generic constructions. And you are free to introduce
your own, when necessary.

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