[erlang-questions] erlrt and eunit

Yanni Caouette <>
Sat Oct 7 22:38:50 CEST 2006

Wonderfing if anyone has experience with running eunit from an erlrt
install. I downloaded erlrt from http://erlrt.process-one.net.

I installed eunit through erlrt. A success.

1> erlrt:install(eunit).
+ compiler md5=<<117,247,31,20,59,49,187,223,230,188,28,31,36,37,173,248>>
+ eunit md5=<<116,109,241,222,72,56,212,43,38,81,146,46,71,211,144,94>>

Then I tried to compile a module. No problem.
2> c(mytest).

When running the test, I was encountered with this error.
3> mytest:test().
=ERROR REPORT==== 7-Oct-2006::16:30:24 ===

It looked as if the function mytest:test() is not auto exported by
eunit. Any idea?


p.s. Coming off test-driven projects which makes heavy uses of install
systems (ruby gem/python easyinstall), I confess I am a bit obsessed
with having a reliable unit testing framework as well as an
easy-to-use package management system. I am very new to Erlang and
still trying to find my way. I would really appreciate your advice.

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