[erlang-questions] multi-core scheduler affinity

ke han <>
Sat Oct 7 14:54:08 CEST 2006

I have a yaws app and also another app which I would like to run in  
the same erlang vm.
I have 4 CPU cores in the server and not much else running so I could  
give the erlang VM 2 or more scheduler processes.
I would like s to enable the yaws app to have its processes managed  
mostly through one scheduler and the other supervised group of  
processes by another.  I don't need this to be strict, but am  
guessing the overall performance of each app would be best if the  
schedulers were somehow kept separate.
The nature of the app is such that the yaws app can degrade if load  
gets high but the other app should not degrade due to spikes in the  
yaws HTTP requests.
I can always run this as two separate erlang VMs, but am checking to  
see if I am missing something.
thanks, ke han

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