[erlang-questions] Common cold or exotic disease?

Francesco Cesarini francesco@REDACTED
Mon Nov 27 08:42:38 CET 2006

We have had similar problems in one of our client sites. We suspect the 
problem was with the inets driver and buffer overflows. The quick fix 
was to take a later version of the inets application, which solved the 
problem. Unfortunately, I do not have the inets version we were working 
with at hand. Will email it later today. Note that we were not running yaws.


Marthin Laubscher wrote:

>My yaws log is riddled with 
>Yaws process died: {{error,econnreset},
>                    [{yaws,gen_tcp_send,2},
>                     {yaws_server,deliver_accumulated,5},
>                     {yaws_server,handle_ut,4},
>                     {yaws_server,aloop,3},
>                     {yaws_server,acceptor0,2},
>                     {proc_lib,init_p,5}]}
>Results (what gets to clients) - apparently not affected.
>Performance - affected.
>Frequency - Sickeningly often but sadly not consistently enough for a
>straight forward trace. 
>Before I waste time and energy to trace, isolate and replicate the problem,
>does anybody recognise it as symptomatic of some known problem on my,
>gen_tcp or yaws's side?
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