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ke han ke.han@REDACTED
Thu Nov 2 09:54:31 CET 2006

On Nov 2, 2006, at 3:59 PM, Nils Müllner wrote:

> hi,
> i have two questions:
>     1: is there a standard ide? currently i use erlide plugin for
> eclipse, but i don't find the debugger implemented in there...

nope...your best bets are erlide, vim plugins or emacs (which  
apparently is very useful if you know how to use it ;)).
I always use the debugger built into erlang alongside my standard  
editor (TextMate) or erlide.
Not sure how/if an eclipse compliant debugger could be done for erlide.

>     2: as i have to import every module i'd like to use, i wanted to
> ask, if there is a nice way to browse one folder for possible modules,
> list them and then let the user choose one without the need to import
> them all. reason: of my program is extended later, it would be nice to
> be able to write modules that are automatically detected.

not really sure what you mean...the way I handle things is to simply  
put my custom libraries in either the core erlang/OTP lib directory  
or have a separate lib directory and start up the erlang vm  
referencing this additional path.  This method ensures your modules  
are easily referencable within the vm and erlang shell.
if your referring to the way the debugger works, I don't have any  
good advice for you as I find the debugger not friendly for choosing  
modules.  I make it a practice to always compile my code with debug  
info so its ready when I need it.
ke han

> kind regards,
> nils
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