Asynchronous ODBC

Michael FIG <>
Wed May 31 22:17:14 CEST 2006


>> imho it would be sufficient to have the wrapper in another process 
>> (created by erlang:spawn/1). there is no need to involve another node.
>> please accept my apology if i have misunderstood something.
>I agree with bengt (with, apparently, the same understanding of your

Ahh.  I think I see now.  I was under the mistaken understanding that all other processes on a node block during gen_server:call.  Now I think I understand that any "receive", no matter how deeply nested, allows other processes to run.  So then the "spawn"ed wrapper just insulates the caller from the process that blocks during gen_server:call.

Is that correct?  If so, then that's really good, and finally an escape from the nuisances of event-driven programming (my experience with Visual Basic 6, where DoEvents was truly horrid... you'd either reenter your code or blow up the stack if you aren't careful).


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