Erlang R9C-2 NODE stops accepting new connections

Valentin Micic [ MTN - Innovation Centre ] <>
Wed May 31 10:33:04 CEST 2006



We have a reoccurring problem on one of our nodes, call it 


Under some circumstances (we suspect intermittent network instability),
the main listening port (the port that is published with EPMD) stops
accepting new connections.

The active connections are serviced though. 


I did verify that empd (using epmd -names) has an entry indicating node1
and port, say, P1.

Using netstat, I did verify that port P1 is used.

I've used pfiles (Solaris 9) to verify that this port is used by this
particular run-time ().


Finally, in desperation, I've attempted to telnet to this particular
port, and noticed that netstat reports SYN_SENT, but no further action
is taken.

This indicates a potential problem with SOLARIS, however, had a similar
situation on LINUX as well, thus, concluding that it might be ERLANG


It seems that erlang process that is servicing this erlang port
(linked-in tcp driver) somehow lost a link to it, however without
terminating it, as indicated by messege:


#Port<0.7>: tcp_inet: Input driver gone away without deselecting!


Any ideas?




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