Parsing an incoming Shoutcast request

Andrew Lentvorski <>
Mon May 29 13:58:06 CEST 2006

Another newbie question.

I'm trying to do something very similar to the Shoutcast server sample 
code from Practical Common Lisp.  The initial request from an MP3 client 
to the streaming server (which I want to write in Erlang) looks very 
much like HTTP.

GET / HTTP/1.1\r\n
User-Agent: VLC media player - version 0.8.5 Janus - VideoLAN team\r\n
Range: bytes=0-\r\n
Icy-MetaData: 1\r\n
Connection: Close\r\n

Now, I know have to do the gen_tcp:listen and gen_tcp:accept to get the 
actual connection socket.

Once, I have that socket, though, I either need to do something with 
messages and {active, once} or gen_tcp:recv() and {active, false}.

I can't see a particularly obvious way to structure this for pattern 
matches to make things easy.

Given that this looks like it should be very ripe for some form of 
pattern match, I thought I would try asking those with more experience 
for some friendly advice before plowing ahead and writing lots of very 
stupid code.


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