Announcing Dryverl: an Erlang-to-C binding compiler

Romain Lenglet <>
Fri May 26 09:20:42 CEST 2006


This is an announcement for the creation of the Dryverl project.

Dryverl is a compiler for Erlang-to-C bindings.
Currently, it support the generation of bindings implemented as C 
port drivers, but it will support also implementations as C port 
programs and C nodes.

This project is a rewrite of, and aims at continuing the EDTK 
project, on a more flexible and efficient implementation base.

More information on the project web pages.
The web site is not yet finished, and I still have to make a 
tarball, but the compiler is functionnal (cf. the XSL 
stylesheets in the SVN repository), the binding specification 
language is well specified in an XML Schema, and Dryverl 
corresponds to an actual need currently discussed on the mailing 
list. ;-)

Any comments are welcome.


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