Dialyzer: report call to undefined function

Torbjorn Tornkvist <>
Fri May 19 10:56:09 CEST 2006

Nice! (but I couldn't get it to work)

Has anyone written some nice icing on top of the xref cake?
I mean a collection of function which setup and executes
some of useful metrics there are to be gathered from xref?
The documentation of xref is good but a little bit on the terse side...

Cheers, Tobbe

Samuel Rivas wrote:
> Vlad Dumitrescu wrote:
>>I think it would be useful if Dialyzer would also report calls to
>>undefined or unexported functions. I often spell names wrong :-)
> If you are eager enough, you can already do that with xref.
> xref:start(xref_example).
> xref:add_release(xref_example, code:lib_dir(),
> 			       [{verbose, false}, {warnings, false},
> 				{name, otp}]).
> xref:add_application(xref_example, YourAppPath, [{name, YourAppName}]).
> xref:q(xref_example, "(XC - UC) | ((Fun) YourAppName : App) || (XU - X - B)").
> Maybe there is a simpler way, but that works for me :)
> Regards

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