Cannot compile Erlang

danner mideann <>
Sun May 7 20:45:33 CEST 2006

2006/5/6, Per Hedeland <>:
> "danner mideann" <> wrote:
> >
> >I downloaded erlang source code (otp_src_R10B-10.tar.gz), unpacked, ./configure'
> >d it and tried to make it. I get this error (follow output follows the mail):
> >
> > has been updated, please re-run configure!
> Have you checked the time and *date* on your computer? As far as I know,
> should never be updated in a normal build - and of course
> 'make' can't know one way or the other, it just compares the time stamps
> on and Makefile, and finds that is newer, even
> though Makefile should have been generated from by
> configure.
> This will happen if the date/time on your box is at some point in the
> past, before was created/modified by the OTP team and packed
> into the distribution tarball. Another possibility might be some
> "weirdness" with time stamping in the file system you're using, e.g. NFS
> with clock skew between client and server.
> --Per Hedeland

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