shootout - nsieve-bits benchmark

Robert Virding <>
Tue May 2 14:47:22 CEST 2006

I think it sucks! Ets tables are bad enough, at least they can be 
modelled with processes, but now we have global variables. :-(


Mikael Pettersson skrev:
> Be advised that
> 1. Whether HiPE's bytearrays are copied or remain shared on message
>    sends is unspecified, and currently depends on the heap model of
>    the runtime system (private, shared, hybrid), and on the size of
>    the array. IOW, you shouldn't rely on that aspect.
> 2. There are plans to change HiPE's bytearrays to improve performance.
>    I'm not making any guarantees that this will preserve their
>    behaviour wrt sharing/copying on message sends.
> They are used to good measure in the HiPE compiler, and they are clearly
> useful for fixing slow microbenchmarks, but programmers in general should
> NOT rely on them in any way.
> Now, if Erlang had general arrays with O(1) indexing and update operations
> I would be a happy programmer. But there are sound reasons, both language-
> philosophical ones and implementation-technical ones, why this is not the case.
> /Mikael

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