IBM developerWorks article

Matthias Lang <>
Tue May 2 11:37:43 CEST 2006

 > The full article is available from:

I mailed the author a few nice words and reported about a couple of
buglets in his examples (the third argument for spawn is a list, and
the factorial example he uses is a bit big--it half kills my

Another thing I noticed was that he used the 'math' module as an
example. I expected that to fail with the usul 'sticky' error message,
but it does actually work. In fact:

   | 2> m(math).
   | Module math compiled: Date: May 2 2006, Time: 09.24
   | Compiler options:  []
   | Object file: /tmp/math.beam
   | Exports: 
   | acos/1                        fact/1
   | acosh/1                       fib/1
   | asin/1                        log/1

On the bug/feature continuum, I think this would place somewhere near
the 'unintended feature' signpost. ;-)


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