Web pages using a simple tuple store [was : RE: template engine]

Marc van Woerkom marc.vanwoerkom@REDACTED
Thu Jun 15 22:21:27 CEST 2006

> I agree.
> A realtime wiki project is currently under development in the Google
> summer of code context:
> http://wiki.jabber.org/index.php/Real-time_wiki
> The idea is exactly this, build on XMPP and the pubsub protocol for the
> server part.
> The code is developed by Grzegorz Grasza and I am mentoring the work.
> XMPP is a good idea for that as many building bricks are already
> available:
> - Pubsub engine (in ejabberd)
> - XMPP Javascript client-side libraries.
> The Realtime wiki project should be the basis of a very nice Ajax
> framework.
Cool idea for a jabber project!

It would be the web equivalent of something I know under the name 
'cooperative editor'
or maybe 'group editor'. I remember having read about such a cooperative 
some years ago. (Cooperative systems are an active reasearch field)

If one goes to Ajax interfaces for present wikis, that is the way, yes.

What might it be good for? I am a regular contributor to the german 
wikipedia edition.
The scenario that several folks edit the same article happens, but is 
rather seldom.
I usually notice this, when my edit commit results in a conflict.
For a real time wiki scenario, it might be nice if i could be aware of 
the other's presence
(.. clearly a job for jabber!) a bit earlier and perhaps chat with the 
other person in some
way to avoid conflicting edits or to split work in a useful way. That 
would help.

The other useful scenario might be shared white board pages in the real 
time wiki,
meeting places where folks develop some text in groups on purpose, or 
give some


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