is moving

Torbjorn Tornkvist tobbe@REDACTED
Fri Jun 9 00:03:15 CEST 2006

JFYI: has been moved from its original home
and is unfortunately not in a good shape anymore.
However, it should still be possible to access and read
the existing HowTo's.

It has been some discussions lately on the list about the
slow spread of Erlang, the lack of good community web-sites
etc. trapexit was an attempt to remedy the latter.
Unfortunately, the response has not been what I was hoping 
for. A few heroic contributers has showed up with HowTo's
(thank you guys!), and one person has shown any interest
in helping out with the trapexit stuff (thanks Bengt!).
But really, to me it has been a big disappointment.
Perhaps it is a chicken/egg problem (small community,
small amount of contributions); I don't know.

Anyway, perhaps trapexit can come alive some other time,
and if anyone would like to take over the
domain name, then let me know.

Cheers, Tobbe

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