GUI toolkit - Qt?

Roger Larsson roger.larsson@REDACTED
Fri Jun 2 15:36:08 CEST 2006

On fredag 02 juni 2006 01.56, Pupeno wrote:
> On Thursday, 1 de June de 2006 20:57, Roger Larsson wrote:
> > It should be possible to write a wrapper...
> > (especially for Qt 4)
> Why especially for Qt 4 ?

"Improved Multithreading

Comprehensive support for threaded programming makes it easy and efficient to 
create programs that take full advantage of the huge performance benefits of 
today's multi-core processors, while helping minimizing the amount of added 
complexity that programmers must manage. 
 Qt now supports per-thread event loops, signal/ across threads, and 
thread-safe shared data with fast machine atomic reference counting. The Qt 
API in general has been with regards to reentrancy and thread-safety. "

So, a Qt application could have several event loops that communicates with
several Erlang processes. It must be possible to intergrate this in nicely...

Summer project?


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