Unexpected behavior in Linux

Daniel Luna luna@REDACTED
Fri Jun 2 13:52:31 CEST 2006

On Fri, 2 Jun 2006, Pupeno wrote:
> On Friday, 2 de June de 2006 07:00, jaiswal.vikash@REDACTED wrote:
>> The application works as : When a window ( W1 ) is resized it in turn 
>> should generate an error message window ( W2 ) on crossing certain 
>> threshold values for height and width .
> I would say the problem is deeper.

I can only agree.

> Displaying a pop up when resizing the window is not very friendly.

Displaying a pop up is never friendly. Stopping the user from what he 
wants to do, is a good way to lose me as a customer. And not having a 
limit on the number of error popups is really crappy.

I once took a course where you were supposed to add your personnummer(*) 
to a field in a web form. If you made a mistake, you got a popup that told 
you so. Removing focus from that input area was enough to trigger the 
popup. So by just hitting tab one time too many you got the popup (an 
empty number obviously is obviously wrong). The script also activated 
every few seconds after that. And probably it activated when you clicked 
close on the popup. Anyway, after a few seconds the popups spawned quicker 
than you could close them...

Yay! After killing my browser a few times I was always very careful when 
registering labs for that course.

(*) National insurance number-equivalent in Sweden

> If there are no other posibilities, I'd say that as soon as the window 
> was resized over certain size, resize it back.

Oh, no! Don't ever do this. It's the job of the window manager to resize 
windows. You could easily have infinite loops in window managers that want 
to have its own window sizes.

Ratpoison, for instance, would break horribly with this implementation.

If you really, really want the popup. Write code that:

1. Makes certain that there is only ever a single popup active.

2. Has some sort of timeout between closing a window and opening a new 
one. Otherwise you can end up in a position where you can't remove the 
reason for the popup since there is a popup in the way...

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