Unexpected behavior in Linux

Pupeno pupeno@REDACTED
Fri Jun 2 12:03:52 CEST 2006

I would say the problem is deeper.
Displaying a pop up when resizing the window is not very friendly.
It is very likely that there's a way to stop the resizing at some size so you 
can't resize it anymore, even if you try. The same way some windows just 
can't be made smaller. But respecting all this, I believe, depends on the 
Window Manager (and not on the kernel, like Linux, neither on the operating 
system, like Solaris).
If there are no other posibilities, I'd say that as soon as the window was 
resized over certain size, resize it back.

On Friday, 2 de June de 2006 07:00, jaiswal.vikash@REDACTED wrote:
> Hello ,
>      I have developed a graphical application using erlang . But it's
> behavior is different in Solaris and Linux systems .
>      The application works as :
>      When a window (  W1 ) is resized it in turn should generate an
> error message window (  W2 ) on crossing certain threshold values for
> height and width .
>      The event for resizing has been captured by { gs, W1,configure,_,_
> } .
>      Behavior on resizing the window W1 :
>           1) ON SOLARIS ->
>                                      i ) Only one error message window
> is coming ( as expected ) .
>                                      ii ) The error message window W2
> comes up only when the left click button of the mouse is let free .
>           2) ON LINUX      ->
>                                       i) Numerous error message windows
> are coming up .
>                                      ii ) The error message window W2
> starts coming up from the moment the left click button of the mouse is
> pressed ( unlike as in
>                                          SOLARIS where  W2  comes up
> only after the   left click button of the mouse is let free ) .
>      Could you please suggest me why the behaviors are different when
> I'm using the same piece of code for both ?
>      Also is there any way I can prevent the numerous error message
> windows ( W2 s ) in case of Linux ?
>      Note : Erlang  used  :  otp_src_R9C-2
>                Solaris          :  5.8
>                Linux            :  2.6.9-5
> Regards ,
> Vikash
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