CATCHA was Re: Erlang port to the Java Virtual Machine

Ernie Makris ernie.makris@REDACTED
Thu Jun 1 15:55:33 CEST 2006


Well, since you are asking for suggestions, how about spawning a script
to generate N captcha images as well
as their details, then have a gen_server serve these up and replenish
them when they get low. I would use os:cmd to spawn the script and dump
the files somewhere. Keep it simple rather than using jinterface. Let
the script do one thing only.

Hope that helps.


Yariv Sadan wrote:
>> Getting a CATCHA into yaws is something I have been looking at as
>> well in a
>> desultory sort of fashion...
>> It seems to me that C would probably be the language of choice - the
>> selection/response of text for obsfuction part would be straight
>> forward in
>> Erlang, but the graphical munginess and distortion/colourbanding of
>> fonts-as-
>> beziers must be a solved problem in some C library - but which one?
>> Any thoughts from someone less idle than me would be welcome ;->
>> Gordon
> Hi Gordon,
> Yes, I sort of had the same issue in mind when I started looking at
> easily integrating with Java. I know of jcaptcha, which does the trick
> ( The reason I looked at
> Java rather than C is because jinterface actually seemed pretty easy
> to use, Java is easier than C (the performance difference isn't very
> relevant here), and Java has a library for almost everything in the
> universe (well, so does C, but at least Java wins on the ease front).
> The solution I had in mind would be to have a CAPTCHA server written
> in Java that communicates with Erlang over jinterface. When yaws needs
> to display a CAPTCHA, it would send a message to the CAPTCHA server
> and get back the binary CAPTCHA plus its textual meaning. For
> efficiency and speed, yaws, could request a number of CAPTCHAS at once
> and cache them for future requests.
> If you have any other ideas in this area, let me know!
> Thanks
> Yariv

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