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Robert Virding robert.virding@REDACTED
Sun Dec 17 01:08:11 CET 2006

OK, I have looked a little more at the problem and com up with some 
answers. I converted the .xrl file to fit the latest leex on 
trapexit.org and include it here.

- The first comment looks like a Pascal-like comment.
- The looping was caused by the ([0]*) rule which would match all cases 
where a character was not explicitly the first char in another rule. It 
would match with a zero length string which leex couldn't handle, they 
should probably be forbidden.
- For some reason the final . pattern wasn't catching everything like it 
should. I don't know why, never had the problem before and simple tests 
didn't find it.
- // Numbers was tried as a pattern for a rule but syntax is faulty.
- Generally it is difficult to find which clause which matches a certain 
rule as it is very dependant on all othere rules.

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