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Siddharth Pareek siddharthpareek@REDACTED
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Hi ,
      I have an existing Erlang Server . In it i have to add one more feature that is of a chatting server . What that code must be doing is that it should be accessed by an administrator who will be chatting with its users and vice - versa. So one thing is for sure that the chat server must be in Erlang language only. I hope I am clear If anyone is still not clear then please do let me know. I will make it sure that I make my point clear as and when I receive your request .

Thanks and Regards,
Siddharth Pareek
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  Le 12 déc. 06 à 08:06, Siddharth Pareek a écrit :

           I have to write a chat server in erlang. Do any one have an idea or has done this work before so that I can get guidance related to it. 

  Depending on what you want to achieve you have several approach:

  - If you need a chat server for your work, that rely on standards, maybe you could just simply reuse an existing one like ejabberd:

  - If you want to write a chat server for learning or if you do not need to support standards, you could simply write a chat client in pure Erlang based on message passing mechanisms.

  I hope this helps,

  Mickaël Rémond

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