[erlang-questions] position in file:pread/2

Ulf Wiger ulf@REDACTED
Mon Dec 11 19:21:38 CET 2006

In the 'file' manual, pread/2 is defined as performing a
sequence of pread/3 in one operation. It takes a list
of Location elements, where the meaning of Location is
as for file:position/2.

The problem is that Location is defined to allow relative
offset, while pread/3 clearly states that the current
position of the file is undefined after a pread/3 call.

So what then is the expected outcome of a call to pread/2
with a list of relative location elements? Undefined?

The documentation shouldn't leave us guessing.

The same goes for pwrite/2 and pwrite/3.

Ulf W

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