[erlang-questions] exporting database from mnesia to other database

Siddharth Pareek siddharthpareek@REDACTED
Fri Dec 8 11:15:28 CET 2006

     I request you to please let me know the soltuion for below mentioned 
problem. I am still unable to come to any soltuion till date. I want to take 
the back up of the mnesia database on other databse like the Orcale..either 
using Jinterface . Is it possible if any.

Thanks and Regards,
Siddharth Pareek
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>> Hello Sir,
>>              thank you for this little bit of suggestion..since this 
>> function is for educational purpose only..Could you provide me some 
>> other way sir , since i will be needing this back up on a real time 
>> project.
>>     looking forward towards your reply in this regard soon.
> mnesia:dump_to_textfile() - can be used for exporting data.
> For backup there ore other mechanism which take account concurrency, 
> atomicity etc.
> Probably "education purposes" is meant in this context.
> Look at:
> backup(Opaque [, BackupMod]) -> ok | {error,Reason}
> Activates a new checkpoint covering all Mnesia tables, including the 
> schema, with maximum degree of redundancy and performs a backup using 
> backup_checkpoint/2/3. The default value of the backup callback module 
> BackupMod is obtained by mnesia:system_info(backup_module).
> backup_checkpoint(Name, Opaque [, BackupMod]) -> ok | {error,Reason}
> The tables are backed up to external media using the backup module 
> BackupMod. Tables with the local contents property is being backed up  as 
> they exist on the current node. BackupMod is the default backup  callback 
> module obtained by mnesia:system_info(backup_module). See the  User's 
> Guide about the exact callback interface (the mnesia_backup  behavior).
> http://www.erlang.org/doc/doc-5.5.2/lib/mnesia-4.3.3/doc/html/ 
> Mnesia_chap7.html#6.9
> best regards,
> taavi

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