[erlang-questions] exporting database from mnesia to other database

Siddharth Pareek siddharthpareek@REDACTED
Thu Dec 7 05:11:33 CET 2006

Hi ,
      I would lke to one more thing. that is I am using Jinterface for my 
developemnt purpose..since i have a server code written in Erlang..and what 
I am currently doing is writing code on the client side so as to say using 
Jinterface. Therefore I need to take the back up of the database from mensia 
to Oracle or Mysql whichever is possible. SO any solution for that with 
Thanks and Regards,
Siddharth Pareek
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On Dec 6, 2006, at 2:05 PM, Siddharth Pareek wrote:

> Hi ,
> I want to take the back up the mnesia database to any other database lets 
> say to Oracle...can someone provide me the code or something that can help 
> me out. I think i have made my point clear. If there is still something to 
> be asked then please do let me know. I will do that surely and soon.


Dumps all local tables of a mnesia system into a text file which can
then be edited (by means of a normal text editor) and then later be
reloaded with mnesia:load_textfile/1. Only use this function for
educational purposes. Use other functions to deal with real backups.

This function hopefully helps you futher.

best regards,

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