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Wed Aug 30 12:23:31 CEST 2006

Andrés Valenciano wrote:
>> For example, I am in the starting process for a new project (in my day
>> job), a web project, that has a SMS related service and I was really
>> excited about it because I thought I could use Erlang there but then
>> this other guy with Cold Fusion experience wants to use that product for
>> the project, which gives the web server, the not-so-interesting things
>> like PDF, Flash, etc and an SMPP implementation all in the same package.
>> Is that one a lost battle in my case?

Don't forget to emphasize that Erlang is not only free and open source, but
heavily tested and mature, perhaps moreso than Cold Fusion.  Two *huge*
benefits over Cold Fusion or anything else proprietary.  Do a little
research and find out how much the CF license costs.

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