Possibly off-topic: Erlang-related job posting

Erlang 5A erlang5a@REDACTED
Tue Aug 22 01:21:04 CEST 2006

Despite a fair amount of looking, we weren't able to find a better
place to post an erlang-related job. We realize this is slightly
off-topic, and request that all responses to this message happen off
of the list. We have no desire or intention to inject commercial
messages into this discussion channel, but would like to reach out to
the community in the only way possible.

Please respond via email to: erlang5a.gmail.com

Thank you.


We are looking for a result-oriented, proactive, and creative
individual to join our software development team. This individual will
play an active role in all aspects of software development, including
functional walkthroughs, technical designs, and implementations to
release. Additionally, this individual must also be able to work with
our customers directly and efficiently to implement, maintain, and
support the product.

* Participate in the design and implementation process
* Maintain and extend the existing code-base
* Develop data migration and synchronization tools
* Debug, troubleshoot, and act as a technical liaison for customer installations
* Create and write technical design specifications
* Program to technical design specifications in multiple languages
* Document and submit appropriate code reviews
* Production systems support

* BS or MS in Computer Science, or equivalent experience
* Expert-level knowledge of C programming, Unix internals, and TCP/IP
* Programming experience in interpreted languages (Python, Ruby, etc)
* Programming experience with Erlang, Lisp, Haskell, or OCaml
* Release management experience utilizing CVS, darcs, svn, etc.
* Basic database design, implementation, and usage (Postgres, MySQL, Oracle)
* Experience with XML, REST/AJAX, and current web frameworks (Rails/Django)
* Solid shell scripting
* Systems management and performance tuning
* Excellent oral and written communication skills
* Must be a proactive, intelligent, motivated individual, with the
ability to work in groups or individually.

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