Stand-Alone Erlang (was RE: Erlang Micro Edition.)

Erik Reitsma (RY/ETM) erik.reitsma@REDACTED
Thu Jun 30 09:24:09 CEST 2005

> Presumably the best approach would be to start with 
> Stand-Alone Erlang.

What is the status of Stand-Alone Erlang. especially for Windows? With erts-5.4.4 I was able to use the erl.exe and some other files, with a modified erl.ini and the ebin directories I needed, to get something that could be distributed in an installer for Windows. For some reason this no longer worked for erts-5.4.6.
I would be very happy if I could simply create one or more files that I can give to people with clean Windows installations, so that they can run my Erlang software without a full installation of Erlang/OTP. And uninstalling the application should be simple too.


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