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Olivier Sambourg olivier.sambourg@REDACTED
Wed Jun 15 17:14:12 CEST 2005

Hi everyone

I'm trying to encapsulate erlang data inside an XMPP (jabber) stream and 
retrieve the data with a java client.
So on the server side it looks like this :

1> httpd_util:encode_base64(binary_to_list(term_to_binary("test"))).

And on the client side I've tried the following :
OtpErlangString S = new OtpErlangString("test");
OtpOutputStream B = new OtpOutputStream(B);
Base64.encodeObject(B.toByteArray()); -> 
Base64.encodeBytes(B.toByteArray()); -> "awAEdGVzdA=="
Base64.encodeObject(B.toString()); -> 

I've also tried to build an OtpErlangBinary from the OtpOutputStream, then 
use the toString() method, to no avail...

(I'm using the Base64 java library from 
http://iharder.sourceforge.net/base64/ but I guess the problem does not come 
from this)

Do you have any suggestions to my problem ? I guess I'm just not using the 
right transformation in Java to reproduce the 
binary_to_list(term_to_binary()) operation...

Thank you

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