error_logger and sasl

Ulf Wiger ulf@REDACTED
Tue Jun 7 00:57:15 CEST 2005

Den 2005-06-06 23:47:56 skrev Serge Aleynikov <serge@REDACTED>:

> Upon examining a few projects (eddie, yaws, etc.) I saw that production  
> systems are started using the "erl -detached ..." as opposed to run_erl  
> method.  Is it because it's more portable (i.e. run_erl is Linux/Solaris  
> specific)?

AXD 301 uses run_erl, and has done so for many years.
Combining run_erl and heart is no problem at all. The
environment variable $HEART_COMMAND specifies a script
to be run in case the erlang node dies. This script can
use run_erl to start the erlang node.

One issue with run_erl/to_erl is that you get into trouble
if two users use to_erl simultaneously towards the same
erlang node. Nothing prevents this from happening, but the
results will be confusing (run_erl sends all output to the
same named pipe and the two to_erl processes compete for
read access.)


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