Directory structure for non-OTP projects

Mickael Remond <>
Sun Jul 31 09:38:50 CEST 2005

ke.han wrote:
> Tim,
>  From one newbie to another, here is what I do and I'm guessing its in 
> line with how the erlang REPOS and erlmerge see people using their dev 
> and deploy  environment.
> I just install erlang as normal (either root or under a less privileged 
> id) as normal.  If you can use an older version of OTP, then starting 
> with REPOS may be even cleaner.
>  From there, I add my dev projects under the $ERL_HOME/lib  directory.  
> I also have this directory as the root to a subversion store so I can 
> easily save and rollback my files.

I am happy to this that new people are using Erlang REPOS. We are 
progressing toward a new stable version. I have just released the 
version 1.3 beta 1, that contains the latest version of Erlang/OTP 
(R10B-6) and update version of various software.


and for download:

Please tell me if you need to add software or libraries that are not 
currently present in REPOS.

We would definitly need more contributors. One of the idea that I would 
like to implement is for example the addition of preconfigured Emacs 
modules (Erlang mode, Distel and Esense). REPOS would no include Emacs, 
but having a a config file on the CDROM, you could launch your version 
with an Erlang development properly configured.
Adding Eclipse and Erlang extension is another interesting option.

Mickaël Rémond

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