Storing time series data

Joel Reymont <>
Fri Jul 8 20:51:31 CEST 2005

Here's how I think time series can be stored in Mnesia or on disk...

A tick is tuple with a fixed size, indexed on a time stamp. I think  
that rather than storing a regular list of tick in Mnesia I should  
store compressed term binaries. A single binary could be a list or  
tuple of 1 week's worth of tick data, maybe a month's worth.

A separate index will need to be kept to map time stamp to binary  
chunk and offset within the binary.

The storage has to be optimized for fast retrieval and ticks are  
normally appended as opposed to inserted. Inserting a new tick  
somewhere in the middle would require rehashing the whole database  
but I think this will be quite rare. Normally, ticks will be appended  
to binary chunks and chunks appended to the database.

A trading strategy will need a sliding window of N ticks where the  
first tick is always dropped and the window is advanced by one tick.  
I think it will be quite easy to slide through binary chunks and if I  
understand it correctly binaries will not be copied but references  
will be created. Unless of course the sliding window spans a few  
binary chunks.

What do you think?

     Thanks, Joel


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