TCP stack throughput

Tony Rogvall <>
Tue Jul 5 11:02:21 CEST 2005

5 jul 2005 kl. 00.17 skrev Joel Reymont:

> Matthias,
> I ran your C server and I should say that I'm very unhappy with the  
> results. Unhappy for Erlang that is. The test runs about twice as  
> fast and I don't get any connection resets running 1000  
> simultaneous connections on Mac OSX 10.4.1.
> Granted, I get 0 as the factorial result and the C calculation is  
> probably way more optimized than the Erlang one but you can still  
> connect at least 2 times as many clients as we managed to connect  
> with Erlang on Solaris and 3 times the number I managed to connect  
> myself.
> I invite everyone to run the test and experience the difference.

There is a difference between the C-server and the Erlang-server and  
that is that the
C-server is closing the socket after the calculation while the Erlang- 
server is waiting
for the client to close. This will probably tie up resources for  
longer time than needed.



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