Torbjörn Törnkvist tobbe@REDACTED
Sun Feb 27 16:04:08 CET 2005

Hello Erlang friends,

We are pleased to announce a new Web site, www.trapexit.o 

Over the years we have had plenty of discussions on how to best
promote Erlang. As an answer to this we have created a Web Site
where we hope to be able to gather as much useful info as possible.
The intention is not to replace erlang.org, but rather to complement
it by create a living site for the Erlang community. 

Right now it contains:

+ A Discussion forum, using phpBB, where we have bridged
   the Erlang mailing lists into the forums.
+ A document store where you can upload HowTo-documentation.
+ An on-line man-page browser.
+ Browse access to a Jungerl repository which is updated daily.
+ An experimental chat area (written in Erlang and Javascript)
+ Links to other Erlang information.

We are also working on a RSS aggregator for collecting Erlang blogs
information (if there are any such blogs... ?)

Note that this is only a start, we plan to maintain and extend the site
(forever...) if there seem to be enough interest from the Erlang community.
(and don't hesitate to send us tips or suggestions on how to improve the 

Cheers, Tobbe and Jocke
(Ps. I hope you didn't get this mail twice, I've had a subscription
problem because of a changed email address.)

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