Adding non-erlang modules to releases

Rich Neswold rich.neswold@REDACTED
Sun Feb 27 04:34:39 CET 2005


I've search through the vast amounts of Erlang documentation, but
couldn't find an answer to this problem. Maybe someone on the list can

I've put together a small Erlang application. I've set up the .app
files and .rel file to build the boot script. The problem is that my
application requires a port driver that I wrote and I don't know how
to include the driver in any of the .app/.rel files. When I start my
application with the -boot option, it appears to load and start
everything, but fails when my app calls erl_ddll:load_driver (because
the .so file wasn't put in the proper spot -- and I don't know what
the "proper spot" is, since the documentation gets a little sparse
when it comes to including port drivers in a release.)

If anyone has solved this problem, I'd love to hear of the solution.
(I also plan on going one step further and building the release tar
file, so any hints on how to include my .so file would be even more


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