standalone erlang

Joe Armstrong (AL/EAB) joe.armstrong@REDACTED
Wed Feb 16 16:22:49 CET 2005

SAE has a long history.

As far as I know it is currently broken.

It has actually worked for windows (once) - and I had a pure
Erlang program that could make a windows executable on any
Erlang box.

To do this I had to reverse engineer the Microsoft COFF format 
which took me two weeks and was painful :-(

Unfortunately this has never made it to the main release and
porting it to each new release so painful that I don't want to do this

When I ran a series of experiments on planet lab I wanted to install
Erlang on a few hundred nodes - to do this I made a minimal release
- basically install OTP then run a shell script to remove all unnecessary
sources, then retain only the beam code in stdlib, kernel and compiler
and then make some scripts to pack/unpack and relocate everything.

This is not "stand-alone" but does reduce the total number of files
needed significantly.


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> > IIRC they only wanted a windows version. :-)
> I tell you, if SAE worked for Windows, I'd immediately begin using it
> for a whole bunch of utilities.  As it stands, it's a big pain to give
> them to other people, so I end up writing 'em in Perl or whatnot
> (there are several tools for wrapping up Perl scripts into standalone
> programs).

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