Concatenating atoms

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> > Modules (after loading) share pointers into hash tables
> > Which is *evil* 
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> We intentionally violate many good design principles and
> in general do many evil things inside the emulator, so that
> Erlang application developers can write clean and fast
> Erlang applications.
> Performance DOES matter.
   Yes, and I would very much like to write "clean and fast Erlang applications"
that create very large numbers of atoms - the fastest algorithms
involve creating very large numers of atoms - but this is a no-no
so I use strings where efficient algorithm would have used atoms.

  Certain design decisions within the emulator force me to write code
in a less-than-optimal way - now it's fine by me to evil things in the
emulator to manke things run fast - but not when the evil things force
me to program in an artificial and inefficeint way as is the case with atoms.


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