OpenPoker: Business question

Joel Reymont <>
Fri Aug 26 14:34:08 CEST 2005


I'm not sure this list is the best venue for my question but I don't  
know of any other so bear with me...

I'm thinking of open sourcing my Erlang poker backend (OpenPoker).  
The previous version of OpenPoker, written in Delphi is at http:// My strategy is to let people use the code  
for non-commercial purposes only and pay me as soon as they want to  
go commercial.

The issue at hand is the definition of commercial as it's very  
particular in the poker world. Normally, you go commercial when you  
try to sell the software. In the poker world, on the other hand,  
commercial is when you make money from the poker software by taking  
in deposits, etc. or charging for use of the poker room.

Judging from my experience with the previous version of OpenPoker I  
would not make any money if I release the software under the GPL. Is  
there another open source license that you would recommend that would  
let me restrict the source code to non-commercial use only?

Is there any software already released with such restrictions or  
would the non-commercial use restrictions go against the grain of  
open source?

     Thanks, Joel


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