[ANN] Eclipse Erlang IDE 0.3.0

Stephen Han <>
Sun Aug 21 00:01:14 CEST 2005


I download the erlide-0.3.0 and installed it in the eclipse.
However, when I tried to set the $ERL_TOP in the preference->erlang
->Runtime menu, the "apply" button does not get enabled. Simply, I
could not apply the changes. Also if I try to access other menu such
as "Code templates' or "Editor", I got an error :

"Unable to create the  selected preference page.
Plug-in org.erlide.ui was unalbe to load class
org.erlide.ui.erlangsource.prefs.ErlangSourcePreferencePage. "

If I looked at the "Plug-in Details" in "About Eclipse SDK" window. I
do see 3 erlide entries.
However, I am still not sure about how to install plug-ins in Eclipse
since this is my first time using Eclipse.

What am I missing? Does error tell you any thing?

I guess it should be simple process because your installation
procedure is only several lines.


On 8/19/05, Vlad Dumitrescu <> wrote:
> Hi all,
> After a long pause without any releases, we have exciting news. The plugin
> has matured quite a lot, I can use it in my everyday work even if there is
> atill a lot to do.
> I am attaching the README file and hope that there will be plenty of bug
> reports! :-) Feature requests too, as well as any other related thoughts or
> ideas.
> best regards,
> Vlad
> Important
> =========
> * As from version 0.2.0, this plugin is targeted at Eclipse 3.1.
> * It is tested with R10B-6, mostly on Windows but also Linux FC4
> * For bug reports and feature requests, please use the SouceForge trackers
> at
> http://sourceforge.net/projects/erlide/. Mailing to 
> would
> be the second option.
> Installation notes:
> ===================
> - Install either from remote site http://erlide.sf.net/update, or download
> the archived update site from the file releases.
> - After installing the plugin, the Erlang environment has to be set
> * go to window->Preferences->Erlang->Runtime
> and enter the Erlang root directory ($ERL_TOP)
> - *Incompatibility* If you have any Erlang project used with 0.2.4 or
> earlier, you will
> have to recreate it. This is due to a new preference storage mechanism.
> News for 0.3.0
> ==============
> - A Module Wizard has been added (thanks to Lukas Larsson). It can generate
> most of the
> module skeletons we all love from the Emacs environment.
> - Various bug fixes and small improvements: builder, syntax highlighting and
> more.
> News for 0.2.5
> ==============
> - LiveExpressions update themselves after rebuilding. A cool way to check if
> that bug
> you were hunting has disappeared! ;-)
> - The builder is still shaky, if you suspect it didn't compile and load your
> files,
> try a clean build first.
> - There's been a lot of refactoring under the hood, the result being a more
> robust backend.
> There is only one Erlang node as backend, hosting all projects. Less
> confusing UI, but
> with potential problems if several open projects have modules named
> identically.
> Later one will be able to launch an Erlang node with only selected projects.
> Developer news:
> - Added a new plugin erlide-basic-ui, to handle runtime preferences. The
> "regular" ui
> plugin was depending on a backend to be running, but when first installing
> the backend
> couldn't start because it wasn't properly configured.
> - So now Erlide is self-hosting! The projects have an Erlang nature, so
> developers have to
> install a binary version of 0.2.5 or later to get things working.
> - The erlang-builder project has been deprecated and retired, as it's not
> needed anymore.
> News for 0.2.3
> ==============
> - Fixed builder, now it also loads the compiled modules into the project's
> node.
> - There's a new view, LiveExpressions, where one can enter expressions to be
> evaluated and
> can see the results. It should refresh itself after a build, so one can have
> some testing
> calls there and need not type them in the shell over and over again.
> However, it's only
> alpha status: expressions aren't saved, can't be removed either (except by
> restarting Eclipse)
> - Syntax highlighting now uses an Erlang based scanner. I hacked erl_scan so
> that it returns
> char offset in file instead of line number, and also recognizes comments,
> macros, records
> different types of numbers, bifs. In some ways, it's better than Emacs' but
> in others is
> still lacking (because syntax isn't enough, we need to do some parsing too).
> Developer news:
> - There is a new project in the CVS, module erlide/erlang-builder, that
> implements
> simple nature and builder for projects that aren't completely Erlang based
> (like for
> example erlide-core). See below for building notes.
> - erlide-launching project has been moved inside erlide-core, and isn't used
> anymore.
> News for 0.2.0
> ==============
> - Eclipse 3.1 compatible. Older versions are no longer supported (3.1 has
> new APIs that
> aren't backwards compatible).
> - erlide-jinterface uses OtpErlang.jar from R10B-5
> - Erlang no longer must be on the path, the value entered in the preferences
> is always used.
> (thanks to Mickael Remond)
> - Console input works now, just try it! The cursor may be placed wrong, but
> input goes
> where it should.
> - Several minor enhancements.
> Building notes:
> ===============
> A word of advice to the brave that might try to build the plugin (not
> applicable if you
> only want to run it):
> * install and configure a binary 0.2.5 or later. Configuration is mainly
> pointing it to'
> $ERL_TOP; the output directory should remain "ebin", and any compiler args
> you like (you must
> enter something and then delete it, otherwise the "OK" button remains
> grayed). Only then
> you can fiddle with the Erlang files and get them compiled.
> * I haven't investigated this thoroughly, but on my Linux box I need to
> start
> manually a distributed node in order to get epmd running.
> Enjoy!
> /Vlad

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