Pocket Erlang Computer

Christophe Romain <>
Fri Aug 19 08:56:21 CEST 2005

> I've always wanted a pocket Erlang computer, and now I think I found 
> one.  It would work great with Joe's ex11, too.

Erlang is running on the Sharp Zaurus as well.
not so tiny than the pocket computer you're talking about, but equiped 
with a screen and a keyboard.

the graphical system is Qtopia (Qt working into the frame buffer)
il you need to use Joe's ex11, you can flash the system to use GPE 
Palmtop Environment.

last time I compiled erlang on the Zaurus SL6000, I get a fully working 
environment, except the terminal console (segfault, did not have time 
to investigate)

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