Yaws / Post arguments

Dale Harvey <>
Tue Aug 16 01:53:56 CEST 2005


Im having problems building post arguments to send with the the http modules

I was hoping to be able to chuck a record like so

Bleh = #Record{define="stuff"},
http:request(post,{"http://blehbleh", [] , "text/plain",Bleh}. [] , []).

and have the erlang client sort the headers out nicely, but
httpc_manager keeps shouting at me for that.

So ive been trying to just make the format the post arguments myself,
My first guess was a list of key value tuples, since thats how they
come out of parse_post

http:request(post,{"http://blehbleh", [] , "text/plain",
[{"key1",Val1},{"key2",Val2}] }. [] , []).

but that gives a similiar error, ive tried most combinations of
tuples, lists all with the same error. I couldnt find any records in
the yaw_api pertaining to this, and no docs suggesting how to arrange
the post arguments

right now 

http:request(post,{"http://blehbleh", [] , "text/plain", "key1" }. [] , []).
gives me [("key1",undefined}] from yaws_api:parse_post

but no luck on adding a value, or extra vars



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