Running slave:start_link on a localhost

Gordon Guthrie gordonguthrie@REDACTED
Tue Aug 16 01:14:03 CEST 2005


I am trying to get tsunami to run with the test controller, the test machines
and the target machine on a localhost and I am unable to get it to work...

By working through the code I have created a simple test in the erlang shell
which  I think ought to work, but doesnt...

First up I have set up ssh so that when I run "ssh tsunami_host" it logs me
straight into the localhost as if it was a remote machine.

tsunami_host has an entry in /etc/hosts as per:       tsunami_host

Then I run an erlang shell with the command "erl -sname tsunami_controller".

At the erlang shell prompt I run "slave:start_link(tsunami_host, tsunami0, "-rsh
ssh)." and get the message "Connection refused {error,timeout}"

I am somewhat at a loss at this stage...


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