Line numbers in stack traces

David Hopwood <>
Thu Aug 11 00:29:15 CEST 2005

Richard A. O'Keefe wrote:
> I pointed out that macros make source line numbers much less
> useful, lamenting that Erlang has such things.
> David Hopwood <> wrote
> 	This is true, but it doesn't seriously interfere with the utility of line
> 	numbers, especially for programmers who make little or no use of macros.
> I just extracted all the non-white-space non-comment non-'end' lines from
> the *.[ehy]rl files in an Erlang distribution, and found that
> one line in 94 is a -define.
> This is a *higher* proportion of -defines in Erlang/OTP than
> I have #defines in my C code!

What proportion have a definition that is longer than one line or that
uses another macro? (A rough estimate based on a sample will do. I'm genuinely
interested, not just trying to make a point.)

David Hopwood <>

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