install/config esense

ke.han <>
Wed Aug 10 17:48:23 CEST 2005

I have decided to give emacs a try again.  Mainly due to what's in esense.
I have successfully installed a Windows version of Emacs (with Windows 
keymappings in place; this helps lots) and also have the erlang mode 
However, I don't find any directions for config of esense mode in emacs.
I assume its as easy as adding some lines to the .emacs file similar to 
how erlang mode was installed.  Is this correct?  I also assume that 
there is some reference I need to the esense index that I generate.

Can someone show me what I need to add to my .emacs file to make my 
.erl/.hrl files automatically use esense?

Would be nice if the esense README included some instructions similar to

thanks, ke han

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